Student Ministries

Middle School and High School Youth

Your Kids Belong Here

Echo | Middle School — 5th–8th Grade

Meets during regular service times at Cranberry Twp. and New Castle.
Meadville Campus: 11 am service only.

SOZO | High School — 9th–12th Grade

Meets on Wednesday nights at the Cranberry Twp. Campus and during regular service times at the New Castle Campus.

Meet our Youth Pastors

Pastors Ben & Alyssa Archer

As the Student Ministry Pastors, Ben and Alyssa Archer are responsible for pastoring and overseeing our middle school, high school, and young adult ministries. Their heart: helping people walk in God’s unconditional love, no matter their age.

Student Ministries

Echo | Middle School

5th – 8th Grade
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SOZO | High School

9th – 12th Grade
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What happens in 
 Student Ministries 

Lots of fun!

Every moment is designed for your kid to have a blast.

Great Music

High-energy music. Led by young people.

Inspiring Message

Bible-based, faith-filled messages designed for students.


Every week we have activities, social time, and small groups.

Know God.
Find Freedom. Discover Purpose.
Make an Impact.

Our weekly services in student ministries are all about the Big 4. Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make an Impact. We design our student service experiences so that your student will know they belong and are family.

Echo, our ministry for middle school students 5th through 8th grade, meets during all regular service times (at our Meadville campus, we only meet during the 11 am service).

SOZO, our ministry for high school students (from 9th through 12th grade), meets on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at our Cranberry Twp. Campus and during services at our New Castle Campus.

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Parent Connection

We’re here to partner with you.

We know you want to see your middle school-aged child thrive as they navigate life through the in-between of kid-life and teen-life. That’s what we want, too.

Our team is here not only to support your kids but to partner with you. We are here to provide the connections and resources you need.

Let’s connect!

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Do students need to register or check in?

We ask that students check in every service so they can be properly placed in the correct small group with the same students and leaders every week. Nametags and parent pick up required for 5th graders.

Can my student pick their small group?

Small groups are assigned based on gender, grade, and zip code (Cranberry Twp. and New Castle campuses) and based on gender (Meadville campus). We want to set students up to have relationships at school with their small group peers. However, if their assigned small group is not working out, we can assign them to another.

Will it affect anything if my student can't come to small group every week?

Whatever their attendance, they are always welcome. However, consistency is a key in building relationships. If the student doesn’t come for a few weeks in a row, the student’s small group leader will follow up to make sure everything is okay.

What if my student doesn't have a preferred service? They may come either Saturday or Sunday, depending on their schedule. Will they still have a group?

Yes, but they will be treated like a first-time guest and placed in a temporary group for those services. It is best for students to pick and commit to a preferred service this helps the connect to their peers and leaders.

What if my student is having a hard time connecting with their group and wants to switch?

We ask each student to attend their small group for 4-6 weeks. If they have a hard time after that, we will assign them another small group.

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