Our Leadership

John & Michelle Nuzzo

Pastor John and his wife Michelle founded Victory Family Church in 1993 with a desire to see people experience God in everyday life. Pastor John’s visionary leadership has inspired church growth and catalyzed practical initiatives that minister the love of God to individuals, families, the community, and churches throughout the Northeast. He is committed to the continued growth of a sustainable and life-giving church.

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Matt Gates

As Executive Pastor, Matt Gates is responsible for the day-to-day leadership and decision making of church policies and ministries. This includes strategic support and execution for the vision of the church as the primary representative of the Senior Pastor. Prior to his role as Executive Pastor, Pastor Matt spent 18 years on staff as the Business Administrator.

Steve Moore

As Executive Pastor of Kingdom Builders, Steve Moore is responsible for leading Victory’s ministry in three primary areas, Global Missions (as Victory funds projects and ministers around the globe), Local Church Expansion (focusing on expansion of the church within the US – with an emphasis on reaching the Northeastern US), and Future Christian Leaders (through our internship program and pastoral residency, Victory is actively involved in training future leaders in the Church). Prior to his role as Executive Pastor of Kingdom Builders, Pastor Steve spent 15 years on staff as the Executive Pastor of Victory Family Church.

John Owens

As the New Castle Campus Pastor, John Owens is responsible for the growth and pastoring of our New Castle family. He is married to Kara, who has served on staff at Victory since 2013. Together, they develop and lead outreach teams in New Castle that provide community meals and groceries to those in need. Prior to his role as New Castle Campus Pastor, Pastor John served as Connection Director.

Chris Palmer

As the Outreach and Missions Pastor, Chris Palmer is responsible for overseeing the mission’s ministry of the church. He helps provide outreach, help and support during times of crisis. He’s married to Gerri and has two children. He has been on more than six dozen mission trips, facilitated trips for all ages and has helped train new leaders. As the Outreach Pastor he has also facilitated three Serve Day events and the Help Your Neighbor food distribution. He has spent 14 years on staff and 12 as the Outreach Pastor.

Ben Archer

As the Student Ministry Pastor, Ben Archer is responsible for pastoring and overseeing the middle school, high school, and young adult ministries. He’s married to Alyssa and has two children. He’s passionate about investing into the Next Generation and has spent five years on staff.

Bob Kaleta

As the Marriage and Family Pastor, Bob Kaleta is responsible for pastoring and overseeing Victory’s Marriage and Family Ministries, along with the Pray First, Prayer Partners, Healing team and Lay Ministry teams. He’s married to Christina and enjoys almost any outdoor activity. He has attended Victory Family Church since 2004 and was hired on staff as the IT Administrator in 2006. In July 2015, he transitioned into full time ministry.

Sean Moore

As the Meadville and Vernon Township Campus Pastor, Sean Moore is responsible for the growth and pastoring of our Meadville and Vernon family. He is married to Sarah and has two children. Prior to his role as the Campus Pastor he was the Director of Waymaker School of Ministry and worked as Band Director on the Worship staff for six years.

Josh Shaffer

As the Meadville Campus Associate Pastor, Josh Shaffer is responsible for the growth and pastoring of our Meadville family. He’s also in charge of the oversight of operations, Dream Team and the Meadville campus. He is married to Luci and together they have two children. They work to equip the outreach leaders in Meadville that care for the community and provide for those in need. Prior to his role as Meadville Campus Pastor, Pastor Josh served as the Executive Pastor for Living Waters Church in Meadville.

Matt Brown

As the Director of Family ministry and assimilation, Matt Brown is one of the ministers on staff. He’s responsible for overseeing ministries from birth through young adults, Dream Teams, and the discipleship process for first time guests through Small Groups and serving. He’s married to Erin and together they have four children. He’s spent 14 years on staff.

Kelly Selick

As the Experience Director, Kelly Selick is responsible for leading the worship, production, communication and creative teams to create an environment where people can experience God’s love. She’s married to Toot (otherwise known as Larry) and has two children. Prior to her role as the Experience Director she was the Creative Director for six years. She was first hired as a Graphic Designer in 2007. Kelly has called Victory home since 2005.