Parent Resources

Spiritual Focus

Throughout the year, your child gets to know God during our services. As a parent, you are the most significant influence in your child's life. We have provided some age-appropriate spiritual focuses you can teach your child at home. By doing this, you are instilling God's Word in them and making it a priority in their life.


Younger children are often intimidated when they see other kids doing things they have not yet attempted. Uncertain of their abilities, these children hesitate or refuse to try new things. Just as a battery continually needs to be recharged, your child requires constant encouragement. Kids need large doses of support, affirmation, and praise to counterbalance their self-imposed limitations. Look for ways to build your child up. Become their biggest cheerleader. Let your kids know that you believe in them- no matter what!

Child Engagement

We want to walk alongside you with your student as they navigate their lives. These are resources and tools you can use with them!


As children grow older, they want fewer restrictions and more freedom. Young kids cannot understand why parents don’t trust their judgment. They view parental boundaries as roadblocks to their independence. Boundaries are a gift that provides both security and freedom.


Recommended Reading

The New Dare to Discipline
Dr. James Dobson
Dare to Discipline book cover.png
The New Strong-Willed Child: Surviving Birth Through Adolescence
Dr. James Dobson
The New Strong-willed Child book cover
Boundaries with Kids: How Healthy Choices Grow Healthy Children
Dr Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend
Boundaries with Kids book cover