2nd Grade
Parent Resources

Spiritual Focus

During your student’s school year, Victory Family Church will go in-depth in February on a biblical principle during services. This isn’t the only time they will learn about this topic. We are just emphasizing the principle during this period. The subject is determined based on their age, stage of development, and what’s culturally and socially relevant.

Water Baptism

By the second grade, students can learn about and understand water baptism. Cognitively, they can understand the symbolism. The water doesn’t make you clean or new, but they can understand the direct parallel between water baptism and how it shows others you are on God’s team. It is an outward declaration of an inward choice. They know they are saved and want to tell everyone they want to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

Student Engagement

We want to walk alongside you with your students as they navigate their lives. These are resources and tools you can use with them!

Digital World

Your students are no strangers to technology. They are using it for games, entertainment, and to learn. However, there are times we need to reevaluate, set some parameters, and create some updated expectations for technology.

Bark Technologies is a company that helps parents navigate technology with their students. They can help you stay up to date on everything from what emojis really mean to helping you monitor your kid’s activity on multiple devices.


Parenting Podcast

Small Group Recommendations

Search for small groups at the link below.
Some suggestions include:

  • Essentials
  • Faith Life Training
  • Freedom
  • Parenting in a Digital World
  • Parenting on Purpose
  • Parenting Through Tough Topics

* Please note – not all small groups available at all times

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