Parent Resources

Spiritual Focus

Throughout the year, your child gets to know God during our services. As a parent, you are the most significant influence in your child's life. We have provided some age-appropriate spiritual focuses you can teach your child at home. By doing this, you are instilling God's Word in them and making it a priority in their life.

Foundation and Truth

Parents must ensure that their children, even at this age, have many opportunities to hear and experience God’s Word. Attending weekly church services to form friendships and learn Biblical principles is vital. Wise parents then during the week, provide practical ways for their families to execute those Biblical principles that their kids are learning. Continue to pray for your child’s emotional development, childhood Christian friendships and family relationships.

Child Engagement

We want to walk alongside you with your student as they navigate their lives. These are resources and tools you can use with them!


We are responsible for pointing our children in the right direction. Just as an explorer looks to his compass for the direction of true north, our children look to us for direction. While there are many different maps that we can follow, the only one that will point us to true north is the Bible.


Recommended Reading

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