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Married with Kids in High School/College


This Marriage Ministry resource page will help equip you so you can grow in an understanding of Christ-centered relationships. We all experience things in our lives that have shaped what we believe about marriage. Using this resource will help you develop your marriage or relationship.

Small Group Recommendations

Search for small groups at the link below. Some suggestions include:

  • 4 Laws of Love
  • 7 Secrets of Successful Families
  • Blended Families (The Smart Stepfamily)
  • How We Love
  • Love & Respect
  • Strengthening Your Marriage (SYMBIS +)
  • The Naked Marriage

* Please note – not all small groups available at all times

Recommended Reading

How We Love
Kay & Milan Yerkovich
How We Love book cover
The Four Laws of Love: Guaranteed Success for Every Married Couple
Jimmy Evans
4 Laws of Love book cover
The Naked Marriage
Dave & Ashley Willis
The Naked Marriage book cover
Strengthening Your Marriage (SYMBIS +)
Les & Leslie Parrott
Strengthening Your Marriage book cover